Clear Thinking

This is the first in a series of ‘Clear Thinking’ books. ‘Clear Thinking’ is a weekly e-article that currently circulates to around 15,000 people worldwide. Topics vary each week. They all serve to sustain your ongoing learning and unlearning in the territory self-awareness and the reawakening to what is true within you. While the material in this book is new, future ‘Clear Thinking’ books will include many of the articles that have appeared over the last four years.

Feedback to Clear Thinking

I would just wish to thank you for all the content you share and make available to everyone. ‘Clear Thinking’ is always embraced heartily every week. Your website is also a beautiful haven for people to visit.

—Ewan Findlay


I have been receiving your articles for quite some time now and have sometimes thought that I have heard all you have to say. But each time a new CT arrives in my inbox, I find I am continually learning to think differently. Your recent article on ‘Being Centred’ has blown me away. Suddenly I am free!

—Christine Breddy


Mike, I love your messages. They are elegant, honest and from the heart.

—Laurie Attwood


Thank you Mike, I so enjoy reading ‘Clear Thinking’. It often feels as if you are writing just for me, as if you know what I need in this moment. I was mentioning ‘Clear Thinking’ to a few friends who also subscribe and they all felt the same way about it.

—Dermot Fitzpatrick


Love your weekly ‘Clear Thinking’ articles! Great insights for which I send you my compliments because it is not always easy to explain such shifts in perspective.

—Vera Kamphius


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