Early feedback to the book

“This will change a few dinner conversations and perhaps some après dejeuner liaisons! I might need to look at love again!”

“The truth about love can not be found in a philosophy or even a spiritual text. True love can only be known and felt when all the illusions that surround love in our own consciousness are stripped away. This is a truly myth busting book from the myth buster himself”

“Not your usual book about love and war in relationships which is why it’s such a great gift from him to her AND from her to him!”

“It’s clear that we all need to ask some ‘awkward questions’ in order to realise that all we believe that we need is what we already are. You will need a comfortable chair in which to read this book. Be ready to be uncomfortable and yet highly enlightened!”

“I did not realise how little I knew about love until I read this book. Now I know I don’t know love at all. But that’s OK because now I know love is not designed to be ‘known’ only shared, felt and reciprocated. And I think I knew that deep down”

“I am so glad to say that this is not another book about self-development or personal growth, or ‘unleashing’ your potential. This is a brilliant guide to the rediscovery of what we all already are. It takes all the work out of trying to change oneself and ones life. All I have to do, at my own pace, is strip off what is not me and there is I. There is the real me. There is love. I loved it!”

“At last a clear and concise understanding of our emotions and feelings. As Mike says it’s almost as if there has been conspiracy to conceal this understanding since our childhood. This blows open the illusion that love is an emotion while revealing why emotional intelligence is an oxymoron. Brilliant”.

“The only thing that is prior to NOW, that makes NOW at all possible, is the presence of LOVE. The power of NOW is the presence of LOVE!

“A must for all Dads and Mums who are, after all, the teachers of all the main lessons in love to the next generation. Should be compulsory for all parents, teachers and managers”


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The 7 Myths about LOVE...Actually!. The journey from your HEAD to the HEART of your SOUL. Mike George